Tree Removal & Planting in the Park Blocks

A tree planting adventure has been scheduled by the city on March 12th in the 72nd Avenue park blocks between Failing and Beech. Below are the plans for removal and replanting. Some of the trees in the park blocks are at the end of their lifespan and have become dangerous. You may have noticed how easily some have fallen in recent storms. So, as some trees must be removed, others will be taking their place.

Here are the plans at this point:

201602-Tree Removal201602-Tree Planting















3 thoughts on “Tree Removal & Planting in the Park Blocks”

  1. This is a great initiative. I will tell my friend Andy that live very close to this location! Thanks for the great arial pictures and descriptions.

  2. Great plan. I’m glad to see you guys were taking notice of the dangerous trees, but more importantly planting new ones. I saw one park where kids at a local school were given the opportunity to help plant so it gives them a feeling of ownership and connects them to the community.

  3. This looks like a solid plan! Great to see that a neighborhood is forward thinking enough to replant trees when they engage in tree removal.

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