RNA Agenda – March

March 13, 2017

 Summer Concert in Glenhaven Park

  • Available Glenhaven dates:
    Thursdays – July 6, July 13, July 20, August 17, August 24
    Tuesdays – August 1, August 8
  • Questions:
    – Should Roseway commit to one concert?
    – If so, how much the NA should contribute?
    – Who will contact previous or new sponsors?
  • Next Year
    – A contact at Concerts in the Park is particularly excited about a 2018 concert series organized by multiple organizations, including Roseway, Madison South, the Latino Network and the organizers behind Cambodian/Lao/Thai (CLT) New Year in the Park.

Action Team Updates

  • Tree Team
  • Garage Sale
  • Clean Up
  • Walk/Run Event
  • Housing

CNN Update

LUTOP Update 

Possible Small Grants Program Action Team


  • Newsletters
  • Post Notices of Action Team Meetings on NextDoor, Facebook, Website
  • ONI Communications: Mailing and Email Addresses Required
    • Mailing: CNN
    • Email: Create new account or use existing account?

Possible Presentations at Upcoming Board Meetings

  • Presentations stemming from work by the Action Teams
  • Other suggestions

Upcoming Events 

  • NE 82nd Ave: 3/18, 1:00 PM, Dharma Rain Center
  • Parks Replacement Bond Town Halls next week with Parks Commissioner Amanda Fritz
  • 3/20, 6pm – 7:30pm, Multnomah Arts Center Auditorium, 7688 SW Capitol Highway
  • 3/21, 6pm – 7:30pm, East Portland Community Center, 740 SE 106th Avenue

Find out more at parksreplacementbond.org – if you see a project on our Phase list that you’re excited about, come let us know you support it!  If you see a project missing, come tell us why you think it’s important. We want to hear from you and your neighbors about how to spend $20m in Phase 2.


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