Public Meeting about Greenway in Roseway Neigborhood

NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETINGS 5/25 and 6/21 Neighborhood Greenway Project
Sam Adams, Mayor
May 14,2012
Susan D. Keil, Director




The purpose of this letter is to notify you about public meetings to discuss transportation safety improvements planned for your neighborhood. Portland is currently in the process of expanding the network of safe, family­ friendly bicycle and pedestrian streets. Two years ago, a new Neighborhood Greenway was built on NE Going and Alberta. Since then, the community has worked to identify improvements on NE 53rd and Klickitat. The 77th to Sacramento Neighborhood Greenway project will create family-friendly street connections that connect the existing Going Neighborhood Greenway with the upcoming 50s and Klickitat Neighborhood Greenways. In addition, traffic calming will be installed
on NE 72nd to benefit Sacramento Elementary School.

The overall goal of this project, highlighted on the map below, is to:

  • Reduce speeds on residential streets,
  • Minimize cut-through traffic on local streets,
  • Ensure safe crossings of busy streets for pedestrians and bicycle riders, and
  • Provide safe and convenient access to school, parks, local businesses, and transit.

This portion of the Northeast Neighborhood Greenway network will help create safe routes to several schools. In addition, these routes will improve safe walking and biking access between Sacajewea Park, Glenhaven Park, and Rose City Park. Access to key transit hubs and businesses on Sandy, Fremont, Prescott and 57th will also be improved.

The Bureau of Transportation has scheduled two public meetings to discuss the project with your neighbors. At the first meeting, Transportation staff will provide an overview of neighborhood greenways, review existing traffic conditions on the routes, and hear your feedback. City staff will return for a second meeting to present recommendations on specific improvements.

The Bureau of Transportation  is also partnering with the Bureau of Environmental Services and Friends of Trees in the Grey to Green initiative to expand neighborhood access to street trees. In addition, the Audubon Society is involved with the effort through the Backyard Wildlife Habitat program. Information will be available at the public meeting.
NOTE: Funding for the entire project will be provided by the City of Portland
Date: 1st Meeting:  Thursday, May 24, 2012

          2nd Meeting:  Thursday, June 21, 2012
Place:  Rose City Park School
            2334 NE 57th Ave
Time:   6:00 pm to 8:00 pm for both meetings


For questions about the public meetings, please contact Kyle Chisek at 503-823-7041 or
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or additional information, call 503-823­7041, or City TDD 503-823-6868.
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