Spring Cleaning for Roseway! May 11th

Roseway Neighborhood Cleanup Event

Saturday May 11, 2019
If STUFF is accumulating around the house and yard, and you are in the mood for cleaning up, save the date!

WHEN: The Roseway Neighborhood Association (RNA) will hold a Neighborhood Cleanup this spring on Saturday, May 11, 2019 from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.
WHERE: 82nd Ave & NE Siskiyou in the Glenhaven Park parking lot.
WHAT TO BRING: Among the items accepted are metal, electronics, batteries, appliances, furniture, bicycles, mattresses, lawn mowers, yard debris, clothing, household items, and toys. In addition, the cleanup is accepting reusable items for the ever-popular Reuse Me Sale.
WHAT NOT TO BRING: Prohibited items include household hazardous waste (batteries, paint, chemicals, etc.), Construction, demolition and remodeling debris, and asbestos-containing materials. For a complete list of hazardous items and to find safe disposal sites, visit this site or call 503.234.3000.
FEES: Dropoff fees range from $19- $28 depending on the materials.

Roseway community members are invited to volunteer for this event!! It’s a great way to spend the day outside and meet your neighbors. Job Descriptions and Sign-ups are here.

Questions? Contact Ronda at CNN 503.935.4874 or rondaj@cnncoalition.org

A New Look for Glenhaven Park

Portland voters passed a bond measure to upgrade and replace some of our parks. Glenhaven Park is in line for a face-lift this spring and summer. Click here for a  look at what’s ahead.

Below are notes about the project taken from the recent RNA meeting:

1. What will be dates and level of impact on which streets for parking, walking? Construction is to run from May/June 2019 to November 2019. NE Siskiyou will be the main contractor access with a single construction entrance. The public way and sidewalk will remain open during construction, material/equipment storage in the street is generally not allowed unless arrangements are made with Portland Bureau of Transportation. Parking is available in designated on street parking areas and within the construction site as needed. The contractor will be asked to limit their parking to the park side only, trying not to park in front of residences as best as possible.

2. What will hours and days be of noise impact? City code governs work hours  which are from 7AM to 6PM. Typically contractors will work from 7AM to 3:30-4PM (M-F).  Any weekend hours must be informed in advance.

3. What will impacts be on facilities (i.e. impacts to the park amenities like fields, tennis courts, bathrooms)? All play area facilities will be unavailable during construction. Softball, baseball, lawn field, and skatespot remain open through construction. Access from the west entry near NE 78th will likely be closed for the duration of the project- it is suggested to enter the park from NE 77th + Alameda for tennis court and softball field access. The contractor will arrange for temporary access from the east entry near NE 80th up to the baseball field for the beginning of the project. Restrooms will remain open unless water connections need to be made. The restrooms will be closed for short periods. A temporary wood chip path will be installed from at minimum the baseball diamond to the restroom, and potentially to connect to the path to the tennis courts, as materials allow. The pathway will serve as a durable surface to walk on, but may not be fully ADA accessible. Tennis courts, at this time are planned to be open and available,  however the parks bureau is looking at tennis court repairs in several locations, Glenhaven is one of those locations. If chosen, construction would also be this summer, but that project is based on funding.

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