1. I have lived in Roseway neighborhood my entire life. My mom grew up here as well. I look forward to joining.

  2. Hi
    We are a group of ten neighbors who
    live on Mason St between 77th and 74th and we are concerned about the following issues:
    1) since Mason is a thorough street connecting Sandy Bv with 57th, there are very fast moving vehicles going by our houses – how could we ask the city for a rerouting?

    2) we are also alarmed by the increase of crimes within a block or two of our homes: a pimp hitting a woman who was screaming made one of us call the police, needles found on the street, people stealing from yards, one drugged/drunk irate man banging on door and screaming at 2:30 am on 11/17 where the neighbor called the police snd they appeared 30 minutes later.
    And the catalytic converters being stolen from our neighborhood not to mention some break-ins.

    We need to talk about how to contact the police so they will come sooner. Who do we call?

    How do we make Mason St safer for children and pedestrians since it is mostly sidewalk-less?

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