Neighborhood History

If you have pictures of the Roseway Neighborhood that you can contribute, please send them along to add to our gallery.

Sandy at FremontFor now, here are some shots of Sandy Blvd and Fremont before Safeway and the soon to open Walgreens.

The photos show the Rose City Fred Meyer before Safeway took over the property. Fred Meyer - HouseNotice in the lower image, the store was built around a home whose owner refused to sell his property to make way for Freddy’s. They had one heck of a fenced back yard! A photo of the house as the store was under construction is found under “More Roseway History”

ParkBlocksThe park blocks along NE 72nd Ave.  Date uncertain, but it’s a few years ago…



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  1. For about 20 years before I moved from Roseway, I served as RNA’s historian. I still have many photos, but have also shared them with many of your current members. I’m surprised that no one has posted more of them.

    Also, I did three oral histories for neighbors in Roseway that have now passed. I wrote up the interviews for your newsletters and have kept copies. I would like to see them posted on this history section. Please let me know how I can get them to you and post photos here too.

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