Just Because . . .

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. . . a positive diagnosis doesn’t mean an negative outcome. JUST BECAUSE BOUTIQUE fashionably speaks life into women diagnosed with cancer. “SPEAK LIFE” is the rhetorical response that resonates from the lips of Renee Ward, a local pastor whose brand of fashion is complemented by her compassion, devotion, courage and inspiring daily affirmations and prayers that have been etched in the hearts of those who have followed her journey from diagnosis to prognosis in overcoming Triple Negative Breast Cancer (Stage IIA) and declared cancer free on February 21, 2018 (her birthday). It was during this “journey” that Pastor Ward would ascribe that she “always Believed in GOD,” however it was during this arduous undertaking of applying the principles of her faith as recorded in Hebrews 11:1 (Now Faith is the substance of things HOPED FOR; and the evidence of things NOT YET SEEN) that she truly LEARNED TO TRUST HIM! However, her faith would become challenged when during her treatment and recovery that Ward’s Mother,  Louise Matthews who served as one of her caregivers would be diagnosed with Lung Cancer (Stage IV) and succumb on January 9, 2018 one month prior to Ward’s bilateral mastectomy completed on February 14, 2018. In addition, there were several life-altering incidences along this journey that challenged Ward, a seasoned pastor, advocate, mentor, confidant, mother of two (Arya and Zion) who equally shared the responsibility of caring for both their mother and grandmother in their fight against cancer. Pastor Ward, attributes not only her faith in God; a strict mental and physical health regimen but also the collaboration and support from her “CHEMO BUDDIES” and “ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD” whose provision of resources, services and emotional support carried her throughout her journey.  “It was through ‘self discovery’ and the unselfish benevolent acts of these folks that I felt it necessary to pay it forward and serve as a bridge for others who may come after me” says Ward. “I want to help women access the same blessings of generosity, wisdom and compassion that I experienced from my genesis to revelation in slaying a dragon called cancer. Thus, “MORE THAN AN OVERCOMER”, a non-profit was established along with “JUST BECAUSE BOUTIQUE” (JBB) to support single-mothers and indigent women diagnosed with cancer. (JBB was founded in memory of Ward’s mother (Louise Matthews) and grandmother (Alice Brink) whose faith, fashion and fellowship inspired the foundation for these two entities.) JBB’s venue offers new and gently-used classic, high-fashion and trendy hats, apparel, purses, shoes, jewelry, accessories, home decor and a “lifestyle toolkit.” Proceeds will directly benefit single-mothers and indigent women diagnosed with cancer. Volunteers called “ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD” and “CHEMO BUDDIES” are among the members of “TEAM KEYAH” (Swahili meaning “in good health”) to help facilitate the operations of this Oregon-based non-profit through tax-deductible donated merchandise and funds generated from special outreach events. (501c3) application pending) Since 1998, Pastor Ward continues to affirm that “A POSITIVE DIAGNOSIS DOESN’T MEAN A NEGATIVE OUTCOME.” and it is her hope that through the generosity of patrons and donors, JBB will become a leading philanthropic model on “how to turn a negative situation into a positive motivation” and provide peace of mind to each woman and a renewed sense of hope for her own personal journey. For more information on how to join TEAM KEYAH or to make a tax-deductible donation or contact the JUST BECAUSE BOUTIQUE.

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