Garden Walk this Week

Garden WalkDon’t forget the annual Roseway Garden Walk this Sunday. The walk is June 11th from 12 noon until 4 PM.  Note that there will be a Roseway sign in the parking strip of the gardens.  There are a limited number of fliers in the boxes at Fairleys and at Safeway.

1. 3317 NE 67th
Gardener: Juanita 

2. 3921 NE 81st
Gardener: Kristin 

3. 7227 NE Sacramento St
Gardener: Mary 

4. 7226 NE Sacramento St
Gardener: Peggy and Dan

5. 7206 NE Sacramento St.
Gardener: Abbie and Del 

6. 2709 NE 70th Ave.
Gardener: Anya and Brian 

One thought on “Garden Walk this Week”

  1. Thank you SO MUCH to all the wonderful gardeners who opened their private outdoor spaces to the public today. It was such a pleasure to not only see these beautiful gardens, but also to interact with the owners, exchange stories, and share tips. We had a great time, our blood pressure is way down, and we were inspired, surprised, and delighted. It was off to buy plants afterwards! Many thanks to all the participating homeowners and organizers.

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