Covered Skate Park Considered for Roseway

Portland doesn’t have a covered skate park that can be used for more than just the non rainy days. We, myself, Skaters for Portland and from what I’m receiving back for the community, feel like Glenhaven makes for a good first candidate park to receive a cover.

We have been through the review process with the city parks dept. and they are very positive about the idea. This project will cover nearly 12,000 SQFT of area that is currently being used as a skate park. This roof structure will not interfere with any of the other activities at the park however it will make the park available for use all year not just on the good days.

We all know we only get about 40% of the year to really be outdoors without rain. Positive aspects of the roof will include additional light that, I might add there is no light in or around the skating area which makes the current situation a safety concern.

The structure will have solar panels on the roof that will feed power to the grid during daylight hours and pull back from the grid until the park closes at 10pm. This will minimize the monetary resources that the lights would draw from the city. We will make sure that there are night lights on the inside and outside of the structure as well as the paths around the structure to increase safety for passersby.

We are currently working on the design the of the structure with the city to make sure the structure doesn’t negatively impact the park in a visual manner.

I would like to hear any feedback good or bad from the community.

Monty Kurtz

One thought on “Covered Skate Park Considered for Roseway”

  1. This would be great, but how about keeping it drug free first. I would hate to put a cover on it just so that kids can keep their pot and cigarettes dry. I have brought my children by the park on several occassions and witnessed children smoking pipes in the middle of the deep bowl. I fought to have the skate park there, but if kids can’t keep it safe and drug free…why should I support putting a cover on it?

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