Central Northeast Neighbors Announces Community in Action Honored Projects

In Recognition of Volunteers Working Together For a Healthy and Dynamic Community.

Thank you to those who Nominated Projects!


Activities honored by you that shine in our Neighborhoods

42nd Avenue Main Street Collaborative and Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative: Vision and action with a diverse, cross-community team

A Neighborhood in Motion Mural: Creates a sense a place and promotes community identity.

Alberta Court Mural: Brings community in a creative public art process

Beaumont-Wilshire Picnic in the Park: Builds a sense of community and pride in the neighborhood

Columbia Biogas & Cully Good Neighbor Agreement: Fosters open dialogue between business and community

Cully Blvd Green Street: Project N eighborhood advocated for needed street improvements

Cully Community Market: Provides healthful, affordable, local food for Cully area

Cully Earth Day Clean-Up: Disposes & recycles 30 tons per year of household waste

Cully Neighborhood News: Newsletter reaches over 5300 households and businesses

Fall Festival for Children at Helensview Alternative School: Engages diverse families to celebrate Halloween safely.

Frazer Park Community Garden: Creates community garden spaces for 50 families with need

Gleaners-Nourishing Seniors in our Community: Provides over 3 tons of produce to low-income seniors

Let Us Build Cully Park!: Leveraged over 1 million in grants for needed park

Roseway Concerts in the Park: Provides fun opportunity for neighbors to engage

Somali American Council of Oregon Public Engagement: Engages new Somali immigrants in civic life

Somali and Vietnamese Parent Groups: Strengthens parent ties in schools w cultural workshops

Sumner Litter Patrol and Clean-up: Bring pride in underserved area-1800 pounds of litter gone!


Honored by Community Members for:

 * Impact on the community

* Key accomplishments and barriers overcome 

* How the project promotes community involvement

The Appreciation Celebration is in June!


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