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Roseway 2014 Garage Sale – Update with Maps

THIS SATURDAY, JULY 19th from 9am to 4pm

Looking for a great find?  A precious needle in a haystack?  Well, it’s almost here! The 2014 Roseway Neighborhood Garage Sale.
29 homes throughout the Roseway Neighborhood Garage SaleRoseway Neighborhood are participating this year with loads of great items

For those shopping at our garage sales:
You’ll find a printable map and address listing for each house as well as a general listing of what each home might be selling. The sale will start at 9am and go until 4pm (or the home owner sells out!)  Click and print the link below

Click Here for Printable Address and Item Listing


For those more tech savy, you can click on this link below on your home computer or Google Map enabled device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Tablet, etc) It will open a map and listing of each home on your smart device.


View 2014 Roseway Garage Sale in a larger map

Garage Sale 2014 – This Saturday

Roseway Neighborhood Garage SaleThe deadline to submit forms for the Roseway Garage Sale ended today.  Thank you to everyone who submitted your forms!  Below, you can find printable signage for your sale, but we suggest if you really want to attract buyers, pick up some florescent neon signs and write in big bold letters and post in conspicuous areas like major cross streets.

For our sellers – Here are some tips for a successful, fun and SAFE garage sale

  1. Clearly mark the price of each item. (Printed stickers from retail stores, like Target, are very effective)
  2. Price items to sell. Remember buyers are looking for a bargain and you don’t want to have items left at the end of a day.
  3. Signage is important. Spend a little time making quality signs that are clear and easy to read and Remember to take them down at the end of the day…don’t leave them up.
  4. Organize your merchandise. Use tables, stands or whatever you have to provide shoppers a clear visibility of your items.
  5. Remember you are inviting the public into your space. Don’t leave money in the open. It’s also probably best to not allow strangers into the house to use the bathroom. Direct them to the nearest public restroom (Safeway, Albertsons, etc)
  6. Protect yourself from sun and heat. Stay Hydrated!!
  7. Never leave your sale unattended.
  8. Involve your children but keep them protected from the sun and strangers.

Click Me for the Roseway Garage Sale Sign

ADDRESS MAPS WILL BE AVAILABLE THURSDAY MORNING.  We are still compiling all the addresses and imputing them into a map format.  Please check back Thursday morning the 17th.

Good luck and happy garage sales!

Roseway Resident Survey Results

Several months ago our committee on re-branding set out to survey as many Roseway residents as were willing.  Several hundred participated and provided information on their demographics, household and other questions about diversity and open ended questions regarding their general feeling about our neighborhood.  Posted below is a link to the full PDF of survey respondents.  The Roseway Neighborhood Association will be evaluating the data to better help guide our future direction of the board and to better understand what topics and issues are important to you, our fellow residents.  We plan to have more information at our October neighborhood meeting as well as in future newsletters.

Roseway Survey Data 02.25.2014

Roseway Garden Walk this Saturday – June 28th

Roseway Neighborhood Association is initiating a new event to foster closer connections between neighbors, to encourage an exchange of ideas about gardens, to illustrate the potential for beautification, and to celebrate our community.

Join us this Saturday, June 28, 2014 from 11:00 till 3:00 through several Roseway residents that will open their gardens for us to view. Many of us have walked by these gardens and appreciated the plantings and landscaping from the street. Now we have an opportunity to see full gardens and perhaps discuss plants and ideas with the proud caretaker. Most gardens in our neighborhood are small and some gardeners have consequently made careful plant and hardscape selections while others have taken a more natural and seemingly random approach to their gardens. Garden style is a matter of individual preference and character, but every garden is a unique adventure. Perhaps seeing what others have created will inspire us with ideas for our own gardens. Perhaps the walk might even motivate us to actually start those projects we’ve been postponing till a “better time”. But it will most certainly be a great opportunity to connect with and enjoy the neighborhood.

Click on the links below for a printable list of addresses.  For those more tech savvy, click on the Google Maps link using any Google Map enabled device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Tablet, etc.). With this Google map, you can utilize your smartphones’ GPS to access turn-by-turn directions to each home. A small number of printed addresses will be available at Fairley’s and Safeway and there will also be signs posted at each open garden.

Click link below for PDF of Homes
Roseway Garden Walk

Click here For Google Maps (PC Version)