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This Fall Neighbors Go to WAR!

That is, the Walk Around Roseway. on Saturday, Sept. 16 at 10AM,  Come on out to trace the perimeter of our neighborhood, participate in a visual scavenger hunt, then play on at Wellington Park.

At just a few miles, the route provides a chance to get some exercise and fresh air, meet fellow residents, and revel in our unique neighborhood.

Roughly following the neighborhood’s boundaries, the route begins  at Wellington Park, Northeast 68th Avenue and Skidmore Street, and heads east before turning south on 79th Avenue for an optional rest at the Gregory Heights branch of the Multnomah County Library (open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays).

From the library, cross Sandy then head east again on Failing Street, and south on 81st Avenue. It’s a straight shot from there to Siskiyou Street, where we’ll then turn south on 77th Place, and take another jog on Alameda (going west now) to 77th Avenue, ending up on Sacramento for a long stretch bordered by the wide-open greenery of Rose City Golf Course to the south. From there, head north on 67th Avenue, crossing Sandy (with its many opportunities for rest stops and refreshments), and go west on Beech Street, until turning north again on 63rd Avenue.

At Skidmore Street, head east again and it’s back to Wellington Park. It’s a leisurely hour and half if stopping to take pictures or chat, or it can be done much faster as a workout. Bring a friend and make an outing of it. Participants will see their neighborhood in a whole new way and at eye level, receiving a rough overview of Roseway’s 535 acres housing 6,323 residents (per U.S. Census Bureau 2010 data).

The route features charming architecture, eye-popping colors on buildings and plants, garden inspiration, and other evidence of the creativity and skills of Roseway denizens. Check the images shown here and look for them on the visual scavenger hunt, whether it’s a concrete cat, a tree house to end all tree houses, handsome brickwork, a miniature barn, or shrubs shaped into perfect orbs.

Neighbors living along or near the route are particularly encouraged to stage garage sales, set up lemonade stands, take the walk themselves, or simply cheer on those who do.

See you at WAR on Sept. 16!


Garden Walk this Week

Garden WalkDon’t forget the annual Roseway Garden Walk this Sunday. The walk is June 11th from 12 noon until 4 PM.  Note that there will be a Roseway sign in the parking strip of the gardens.  There are a limited number of fliers in the boxes at Fairleys and at Safeway.

1. 3317 NE 67th
Gardener: Juanita 

2. 3921 NE 81st
Gardener: Kristin 

3. 7227 NE Sacramento St
Gardener: Mary 

4. 7226 NE Sacramento St
Gardener: Peggy and Dan

5. 7206 NE Sacramento St.
Gardener: Abbie and Del 

6. 2709 NE 70th Ave.
Gardener: Anya and Brian 

Get Ready for the Roseway Neighborhood Clean-up!

Roseway Neighborhood Cleanup

  • Saturday May 13, 2017    9:00-3:00pm
  • Glenhaven Parking lot 82nd & Siskiyou
  •  Changes have been made to what is acceptable. Please read CAREFULLY!

Absolutely Do Not Bring!

  • CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS – remodeling, demolition or
    landscape materials, such as but not
    limited to concrete, asphalt, dirt, sod, brick, cement, sand, gravel or roofing, flooring, walls, siding, ceilings, insulation, electrical, asbestos material
  • HAZARDOUS WASTE – gasoline, chemicals, oil, paint, tar, batteries, animal waste or liquids of any kind.
  • DO NOT bring these materials or like materials. We must refuse your entire load!


Such as: Yard debris (stuff that grows in your yard), household items, furniture, mattresses, electronics (except old-style TVs), metal, tires, toys, bulky-rigid plastic.


The neighborhood association is charged more for yard debris. Please be generous to help cover our disposal costs! 

Yard Debris Fees Bulky waste Donations
Car $ 20.00 Car $ 10.00
Small Pick up $25.00 Small Pick up $15.00
Full Size $30.00 Full Size $20.00 Trailer $ 30.00
Trailer $ 40.00 Trailer $ 30.00

Tires $3.00 off rim or $5.00 on rim

All proceeds benefit Roseway Neighborhood Association community events and projects.

Re-Use-Me Sale: Accepting donations. Bring your reusable items and take home a treasure at a great price!

Want to volunteer? 

Visit the ‘Get Involved’ link (at the top of the page in white letters under the ‘Roseway Neighborhood’ banner) and click ‘Sign Up!’

To dispose of items NOT accepted at this clean-up

  • Hazardous waste: Metro Central Station (6161 NW 61st)
  • Tube-style TV’s/monitors: Goodwill (NE Sandy/64th)
  •  Batteries/Light bulbs: Orchard Supply Hardware (NE Halsey/40th)
  • Paint: Parkrose Hardware (NE Sandy/106th)
  • Plastics #1-7: Whole Foods parking garage (NE Sandy/43rd)

For information regarding prohibited materials and other valuable disposal guidelines, contact Metro at: 503-234-3000 or email

Info provided by:  

Roseway Neighborhood Association

Our Neighborhood Associations are basic building blocks of Portland. They are comprised of volunteers like you and me who enthusiastically work to increase the vibrancy, livability, sustainability and democracy of their neighborhoods.

If you have not been to a neighborhood meeting, please come by. They are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month @ 7pm at Grace Lutheran Church, NE 76th & Fremont except Aug and Dec. Board members are elected in the October meeting.


Check the calendar link above to preview EVENTS for 2017.

Details for National Night Out

National Night OutWhat: National Night Out Neighborhood Potluck and Ice Cream Social
When: August 2nd from 6:30-8:30
Where: NE 72nd Ave. Park Blocks between Beech and Failing (to showcase new trees)
Who: Sponsored by RNA for all Roseway Neighbors!
Additional Details:
Please bring a dish to share with neighbors. Ice cream sandwiches will be provided by the RNA board while supplies last. There will be music, information, and hopefully a visit from our neighborhood resource officer and local fire fighters.