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November RNA Board Meeting

Below is the agenda for the November 14th board meeting. The expanded document is available here. 

Roseway Neighborhood Association Agenda: 

7:00-7:05     Introductions

7:05-7:40     Presentations and Q&A on Residential Infill Project (see City update below)

7:40-7:50     Discussion, possible vote on Roseway’s stance on the Residential Infill Project.

7:50-7:55     Treasurer’s Report

7:55-8:05    Votes on:

– Authorizing an additional payment of $2,000 to Portland Parks & Recreation for the 2017 concert at Glenhaven Park

– Authorizing payment of $150 to Catherine Clark for donuts and pizza for volunteers at 10/21 tree-planting

– Whether Roseway supports a proposed project at the Dharma Rain Center (see below)

8:05-8:25     Reports regarding (4 minutes each, unfortunately):

– CNN (Catherine Wilson & Nancy)

– LUTOP, including Sandy Blvd Corridor Study (Margaret, Bob and, if necessary, Britt)

– Crime Prevention (Judith)

– Tree Team (Catherine Clark)

– Housing/Homelessness (Britt)

8:25-8:30     Roseway January meetings

– Schedule January annual planning meeting

– Proposed agenda items for January 2018 public Roseway meeting on Tuesday, 01/09/18

* Vote on whether Roseway supports a proposed beverage tax

* Presentation on the proposed Just Energy Transition ballot measure

* Presentation on Rose Quarter transportation project