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Garden Walk this Week

Garden WalkDon’t forget the annual Roseway Garden Walk this Sunday. The walk is June 11th from 12 noon until 4 PM.  Note that there will be a Roseway sign in the parking strip of the gardens.  There are a limited number of fliers in the boxes at Fairleys and at Safeway.

1. 3317 NE 67th
Gardener: Juanita 

2. 3921 NE 81st
Gardener: Kristin 

3. 7227 NE Sacramento St
Gardener: Mary 

4. 7226 NE Sacramento St
Gardener: Peggy and Dan

5. 7206 NE Sacramento St.
Gardener: Abbie and Del 

6. 2709 NE 70th Ave.
Gardener: Anya and Brian 

Join the Roseway Garden Walk

These are the gardens which will be open on Sunday June 12th from noon till 4 PM. There will be Roseway signs in the parking strip to help identify that they are a part of the Roseway Garden Walk.
Though the listing goes essentially from North to South in the neighborhood, you can progress through the gardens in any order you choose. There are a limited number of fliers at Fairleys and Safeway.

Roseway Garden Walk
Sunday, June 12, 2016
12 to 4 PM
4034 NE 71st Ave. 
Caitlin Shelman and Seth Rigles

72nd Ave. Studios
3415 NE 72nd Ave.
Peggy Sullivan

3255 NE 75th Ave.
Christine Caruso

3404 NE 76th Ave.
Lori and David Lochelt

3445 NE 77th Ave.
Kris Buckowski

3305 NE 79th Ave.
Elena Lauterbach

7227 NE Sacramento St.
Mary Denoyer

7226 NE Sacramento St.
Peggy and Dan Evans

7206 NE Sacramento St.
Abbie and Del Lewis

2709 NE 70th Ave.
Anya Pickard and Brian Wilson

Roseway Garden Walk

garden walk

It’s Time for a Walk in the Garden! 


The neighborhood garden walk is coming up on June 7th from 11-4. Lets get together and  admire some of the wonderful gardens that have sprung up ( sounds so easy, but it’s hard work) just down the street from you.

This year we have 12 gardens. Here they are:

Addresses for 2015 Garden Walk

  1. Mary Molinari  3346 NE 72nd Ave
  2.  John & rebecca Harrison  2949 NE 70th Ave.
  3. Sherrie Barger & Mindy Coolidge  2853 NE 70th Ave.
  4. Anya Pickard & Brian Wilson  2709 NE 70th Ave.
  5. Abbie and Del Lewis  7206 NE Sacramento St.
  6. Peggy & Dan Evans  7226 NE Sacramento St.
  7. Mary Denoyer  7227 NE Sacramento St.
  8. Genevieve & Sean Sweeney  7652 Stanton St. (77th corner)
  9. Christine Caruso  3255 NE 75th Ave.
  10. Lori & David Lochelt  3404 NE 76th Ave
  11. Anna and Bill Herbert  7611 NE Mason
  12. Caitlin & Seth Shelman  4034 NE 71st Ave (Mason corner)

Community Garden Space Available

Portland Parks & Recreation’s Community Gardens Program has vacancies at some of our gardens in NE Portland we are trying to fill this spring. We hope you can help share this opportunity with your neighborhood association network or other folks you think would be interested in growing food this year. I would love to send you some fliers that we have in English and Spanish.

If people are interested, there are a few ways to sign up for a plot:

•Call the office at 503-823-1612 Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm to complete a short intake form over the phone. Staff speak English and Spanish.

•Complete an online plot request form:

We have multiple plot sizes available and the cost with a scholarship for people with limited income ranges from $6 – $25 based on the plot size.

Thanks for your help promoting these gardening opportunities in your neighborhood and let me know if you have any questions,

Chariti Montez