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Tree Removal & Planting in the Park Blocks

A tree planting adventure has been scheduled by the city on March 12th in the 72nd Avenue park blocks between Failing and Beech. Below are the plans for removal and replanting. Some of the trees in the park blocks are at the end of their lifespan and have become dangerous. You may have noticed how easily some have fallen in recent storms. So, as some trees must be removed, others will be taking their place.

Here are the plans at this point:

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New Trees Coming to Park Blocks!

Long-lived shade trees will create signature look into the next century

2015-02-14-Tree Planting

Roseway planting Feb. 14th will continue to beautify park blocks. Event time:  9am-11:30am.

Urban Forestry is adding to the romance of Roseway’s 72nd Avenue park blocks with a Valentine’s Day tree planting. The planting will help the Roseway Neighborhood Association complete Phase One of a decade-long effort to rejuvenate and beautify the four blocks.  Some 19 trees purchased with money from the City’s Tree Planting and Preservation Fund will help fill gaps in a massive planting done back in 2003. That earlier planting was needed because row after row of identical clones of Thundercloud plum planted by civic boosters back in the 1950s were dying out. One of the drawbacks of that uniform planting of a single clone of plum is that all the trees die after about 50 years.

Neighborhood resident Sean Batty envisioned replacing the monoculture on 72nd Avenue with different species of longer-lived trees, namely chestnuts, oaks and hackberries. Supported by the City of Portland and Chad Honl from Friends of Trees, some 80 trees were planted on Nov. 15, 2003. About 75% of those trees survived to become established and are well on their way to becoming magnificent shade trees. The new planting is to fill gaps in the perimeter left by trees that were hit by cars or didn’t survive for one reason or another.

Because chestnuts and oaks have thrived in the park blocks, the new planting will showcase additional members of Fagaceae, a great family of 600 species that contains oaks, chestnuts and beeches among others. Not only will that add to the botanical education value of the blocks, but the new beeches, oaks and chestnuts will become large trees.  With potential lifespans well over a century, these trees’ spreading canopies will also provide Roseway with significant summer shade, cooling the air on hot summer days, absorbing road noise from nearby Sandy Boulevard , and prolonging the life of street pavement.

Batty has said of Phase One that “…the project demonstrates how citizens and bureau can work together to achieve great results.”  He already envisions a future Phase 2 that at each end of each block will combine the vibrant fall color of ginkgos and katsuras with spring-flowering trees set off by evergreen sequoias. The result will create a majestic local legacy for Roseway residents well into the next century.

For more information contact Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry at 503-823-8779 or

To sign up to help with the planting click here.

Click here to see a gallery of previous tree plantings. 


Roseway 72nd Avenue Park Blocks
Volunteer Tree Pruning

Third Monday of the month:
May 19, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, 72nd & Failing
June 16, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, 72nd & Skidmore
July 21, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, 72nd & Mason

• Learn How to Prune Trees
• Work with City Arborists to Prune Trees
• Have Fun and Meet your Neighbors

    Meet your neighbors, have fun and help prune the trees along the NE 72nd
    Avenue Park Blocks. Portland Parks & Recreation and the Roseway
    Neighborhood Association will offer three hands-on pruning workshops to
    prune 80 young trees along NE 72nd Avenue from Sandy to Prescott Street.
    Planted in 2003, the trees are now fully established and need to be pruned
    for safety, low branches and structure.

    No pruning experience is necessary. Portland Parks & Recreation arborists
    will teach basic pruning techniques, and help supervise the pruning. To
    register for this workshop contact Karl Dawson with Portland Parks &
    Recreation at 503-823-1650 or Join us for the
    full two hours, or as long as you can.

    Light snacks and refreshments provided.

    If you have any questions about your street trees, please call Portland Parks & Recreation City Nature for a street tree inspection at 503-823-4489. City tree inspectors are available to assess your street trees, and issue pruning, planting or tree removal permits.

    Sponsored by Portland Parks & Recreation and the Roseway Neighborhood Association