By-Law Changes (Proposed)

Oops. Sorry...
Oops. Sorry…

Due to a regrettable oversight by the RNA webmaster (that would be me) the proposed changes to the association by-laws could not be voted on at the July 14, 2015 general meeting because they had not been properly posted here on the website. Below is the link to the proposed changes. They will be voted on at a future general meeting.

My apologies for the inconvenience and embarrassment that  my oversight caused the board and its chairman.

Proposed By Law Changes (click here) 

2 thoughts on “By-Law Changes (Proposed)”

  1. You can click the link in the post (the highlighted words). Also, you can visit the “RNA Board” tab above where the existing by-laws are available and also the proposed revisions. Those links are also available on the invitation to the October General Meeting posted on September 2nd.

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