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Crime Prevention Links

Below are some helpful links for crime prevention and reporting. It is important to report suspicious and illegal activities in our neighborhood. A detailed history of such activity helps the police to direct limited resources to areas with  immediate and/or long-standing needs.

National Night Out

Public Safety Resources

Reporting Suspicious Activity

Online Reporting to Police

Package Theft Prevention

Car Prowl Prevention

Homelessness issues

National Night Out

National Night OutAugust 2nd.

Annual event celebrated across the country on the first Tuesday in August. On this day, neighbors host and attend small block parties or neighborhood events to strengthen their relationships with one another in the spirit of creating safer neighborhoods. Crime Prevention Program Manager Stephanie Reynolds says, “Neighborhood cohesion helps deter crime. Criminals want to be anonymous, to go unnoticed. When neighbors know and look out for one another, pay attention to what is happening on their street and report crime, it goes a long way towards creating a safe neighborhood.”

There may be a party on your street. A list of NNO parties will appear here. Check it out. 

Join the Roseway Garden Walk

These are the gardens which will be open on Sunday June 12th from noon till 4 PM. There will be Roseway signs in the parking strip to help identify that they are a part of the Roseway Garden Walk.
Though the listing goes essentially from North to South in the neighborhood, you can progress through the gardens in any order you choose. There are a limited number of fliers at Fairleys and Safeway.

Roseway Garden Walk
Sunday, June 12, 2016
12 to 4 PM
4034 NE 71st Ave. 
Caitlin Shelman and Seth Rigles

72nd Ave. Studios
3415 NE 72nd Ave.
Peggy Sullivan

3255 NE 75th Ave.
Christine Caruso

3404 NE 76th Ave.
Lori and David Lochelt

3445 NE 77th Ave.
Kris Buckowski

3305 NE 79th Ave.
Elena Lauterbach

7227 NE Sacramento St.
Mary Denoyer

7226 NE Sacramento St.
Peggy and Dan Evans

7206 NE Sacramento St.
Abbie and Del Lewis

2709 NE 70th Ave.
Anya Pickard and Brian Wilson

Coming Soon: Annual Spring Clean-Up

Roseway Neighborhood Cleanup

 >>Volunteers Needed (Click Here)<<


Favicon1Saturday May 28, 2016   


Glenhaven Parking lot 82nd & Siskiyou

What is OK to Bring?

Note changes of acceptable items this year. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Yard debris (green/brown stuff that grows in your yard) and just about everything else except the items listed below. Note the price below for yard debris vehicles! (Amount does not change the price)

Absolutely Do Not Bring!

NO Hazardous waste, gasoline, chemicals, oil, paint, tar, batteries, animal waste or liquids of any kind.  NO building, construction, remodeling, demolition or landscape materials, such as but not limited to concrete, asphalt, dirt, sod, brick, cement, sand, gravel or roofing, flooring, walls, siding, ceilings, insulation, electrical, asbestos material and NO under the sink garbage!

DO NOT bring these materials or like materials we will refuse your entire load!


Yard Debris Fees Bulky waste Donations
Car $ 20.00 Car $ 10.00
Small Pick up $25.00 Small Pick up $15.00
Full Size $30.00 Full Size $20.00 Trailer $ 30.00+
Trailer $ 40.00+ Trailer $ 30.00+
*No matter the amount of yard debris this is the fee that you will pay. Tires $3.00 off rim

$5.00 on rim

 Re-Use-Me Sale

Accepting donations of reusable items for the Re-Use-Me sale, all proceeds benefit the Roseway Neighborhood Association community events and projects.  Bring your reusable items and take home a treasure at a great price!

Want to volunteer? Sign up by Clicking Here.

Call Ronda at 503-935-4874 please reference the Roseway Cleanup.

Visit us at

PortlandBPS    Metro

METRO information to dispose of items NOT accepted at this clean-up:

Hazardous waste: Take to Metro Central Station (6161 NW 61st) Tube-style TV’s/monitors: Goodwill (Sandy/64th), Styrofoam: Whole Foods (NE Sandy/44th), Batteries/Light bulbs: Orchard Supply Hardware (NE Halsey/40th), Paint: Parkrose Hardware (NE Sandy/106th)

Using Metro disposal vouchers Roseway Neighborhood Association is held responsible for costs of proper disposal or cleanup of prohibited materials. Our Roseway Cleanup is well managed. Volunteers are trained to ensure prohibited materials are not accepted. Metro’s voucher do not cover hazardous waste; construction, remodeling and demolition debris; commercial landscaping, household garbage and will not be accepted at transfer stations.  Contact Metro at:

Call before you haul at 503-234-3000 or


Roseway Neighborhood Association

Our Neighborhood Associations are a basic building block of democracy Portland. They are comprised of people who actively work (volunteer) to increase the vibrancy, livability, sustainability and democracy of their neighborhood.

If you have not been to a neighborhood meeting, please come by. They are held the 2nd Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September, October (general Meeting) and November @ 7pm at Grace Lutheran Church, NE 76th & Fremont. You may be surprised by what you learn.


EVENTS this year:

  • June 12th (11am-4pm)  –Garden Walk and Tour
  • July 7th Concert in the Park at Glenhaven, Sam Bam Boo (Caribbean grooves & tropical rhythms)
  • July 14th Concert in the Park @ Glenhaven, Tony Ozier & the Doo-Doo Funk All-Stars
  • July 21st Concert in the Park at Glenhaven, Too Loose Cajun Zydeco Band (Louisiana dance tunes)
  • August 2nd National Night Out/Ice cream social, 72ndAve. Park Blocks

Visit us at