Enroll in Citywide Emergency Response Notification

On January 26th, the anniversary of our region’s last great earthquake, the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) -in partnership with Multnomah County- will initiate the first-ever, citywide test of Portland’s community notification system. This relatively new system has been used successfully in real, small-scale emergencies. But it has never been stress-tested on a large scale.

During this citywide test, PBEM will attempt to send a single message via landline phone, cell phone, text, and email to a maximum number of Portlanders in the shortest amount of time possible. “We want this test to expose any weaknesses in the system,” said PBEM Director Carmen Merlo.

Greater participation in the test will ensure a larger sample group and help PBEM gauge the system’s functionality. Merlo encourages Portlanders to register for this and all future notifications by signing up at www.PublicAlerts.org. Personal contact information provided during registration is kept private and used only for the purpose of sending geographically tailored emergency messages. During the January 26th test, residents will be notified only if the contact information provided corresponds with a Portland mailing address.

It bears reminding, our region could experience a magnitude 9.0 or greater Cascadia subduction zone earthquake at any moment. The last one occurred January 26, 1700. Scientists say we are in the average window of time during which these massive, destructive earthquakes occur. The community notification system may serve as an invaluable communication tool during this and other kinds of emergencies.

Plant your Tree with Friends of Trees

Friends of Trees is at it again with tree plantings in the Roseway Neighborhood, but this year there is a twist! The tree is free! If you choose to have a tree planted in your planting strip (the area between your sidewalk and street) Friends of Trees is picking up the tab for Roseway. If you’d still like a tree planted in your yard (any area other than the planting strip) you can do that too and will only cost $35 per tree.

You’ll receive an 8 to 12 foot tall tree, delivery, digging, planting assistance, mulch, stakes and follow up maintenance. A $200 value! All free if you choose a planting strip tree or just $35 for yard trees.


  • To get a tree you must first sign up by February 27th.
  • Go to https://friendsoftrees.org/order-street-and-yard-trees and click on the GET STARTED button.
  • Signing up does not obligate you to buy, it only makes it possible for a city forester to inspect your planting strip for an appropriate location. After the inspection, you’ll be send a list of recommended trees to chose from.


Planting day will happen on March 31st.

If you’d like to also volunteer your time on planting day, many people enjoy meeting their neighbors and sharing a potluck lunch afterward. There are several ways to volunteer: be part of the planting crew; donate food to the pot luck; help with setup and clean up; drive your pickup truck to make tree deliveries; or even help with registration.

The planting day meeting place is the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church at 4927 NE 55th Ave.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact the Roseway Neighborhood Coordinators at roseway@plantitportland.org
or 971-238-0799